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          Park High School

          Park High School

          Principles, Code and Rules

          We all know how we should behave towards one another and most of the time we do not need rules to remind us. However, the following is written down to avoid misunderstandings.

          School Principles 

          We promote high achievement in a vibrant learning community.

          We provide a stimulating and caring environment so that all members of the school can grow in knowledge, skills, understanding and character and achieve to the best of their ability.

          We have a strong sense of purpose. We encourage our students to be enthusiastic about learning and positive about the future; to have high self-esteem and be confident and successful in what they do; to have understanding and respect for others; to have the ability and desire to further their own development and contribute to the society in which we live.

          We believe in equality of opportunity and in celebrating success of all kinds.

          School Code

          This is based upon a matter of good sense and concern for other people, as well as the smooth running of the school as a place of learning. All members of Park High School community are expected to: 

          • Keep safe and keep others safe.
          • Be part of a school that allows people to learn.
          • Help others whenever you can.
          • Bring credit to Park High School in our community.
          • Make those you care about proud of you.

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          School Rules

          We all know how we should behave towards one another and most of the time we do not need rules to remind us. However, the following is written down to avoid misunderstandings.
            General expectations
          1. If you are absent from school your parent or guardian must write and explain the reason.
          2. Be punctual to school and to all lessons.
          3. Do what you are asked when you are asked.
          4. Do not use abusive language or aggressive behaviour.
          5. Put litter in bins.
          6. Do not damage or deface any buildings or property.
          7. Wear the correct school uniform in school and when you are travelling to and from school.      
          8. Know the school boundaries and do not go beyond them unless you are given permission by a teacher.
          9. Do not cycle in the school grounds; students may not bring mopeds, motorcycles or cars onto the school site.
             In classrooms
          1. Always have your contact book and all necessary equipment, including reading book.
          2.  Work hard and allow others to work undisturbed.
            In corridors
          1. Walk quietly on the left. NO running
          2. Do not carry or wear outside coats.  These should be in lockers.
          3. Eat and drink in designated areas only:  hot food in designated dining areas; other food in the quadrangle.
          Banned items
          The following must not be brought into school:
          • Mobile phones and headphones are banned on the school grounds at any time of day.
          • Chewing gum.
          • Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs of any kind unless the medical room and your tutor are informed beforehand and agree. 
          • Laser pens.
          • Anything which could be used as a weapon or is dangerous.
          • Valuable items, such as mobile phones and ipods etc.
          • Tippex or permanent ink markers.
          You can see that we have high expectations of everyone’s behaviour.
          We will congratulate and reward you when you meet these.
          If you do not meet these, the consequences will be as serious as your behaviour.  For very serious or regular breaches of our school code and rules, this can mean expulsion.
          Incidents of poor behaviour will be reported to your tutor and the head of year where appropriate.

          The purpose of our school code and our rules is to bring about a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere in which we can all thrive.  We all have a part to play in this.

          You also have a copy of this in your contact book.

          Park High School

          Thistlecroft Gardens, Stanmore,
          Middlesex, HA7 1PL

          Headteacher:Mrs Colette O'Dwyer


          Phone:020 8952 2803

          Map of Park High School Location
          • SSAT Leading Edge
          •  Variety of teaching approaches
          • Teacher Development Trust
          • Arts Council
          • The Quality in Careers Standard
          • Healthy School
          • Stonewall
          • CSW
          • Ofsted
          • 4Stars SchoolGuide.co.uk

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